Double Ball Valves


General Information

The Aceco Model BV1 and BV2 ball valves are available in Double Ball Designs. This option provides the unique  advantage of two valves contained in one solid body eliminating a possible leak path, reducing the amount of end  connections required as well as provide for maximum space and weight savings. The double ball valve design  provides double isolation as well as true double block and bleed capabilities  capabilities for safety and seat integrity checks allowing for peace of mind. This is accomplished through  the two physical barriers to retain pressure while working downstream of the closed valve.

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Detailed Specs

Standard Design Key Features

Sizes 1”- 3” Floating and 2”-12” Trunnion

Working Pressures up to 15,000 PSI

Robust end connections allow for limited bending loads fully compliant with ASME B31.3

Valve bore sizes are chosen to closely match the most popular pipe bores, minimizing flow turbulence in the valve bore

NACE MR0175-Latest Edition

Minimal line spread for ease of repairability or replacement

Stub Acme Threaded seat retainer:
- additional safety feature eliminates the potential for blowouts
- enables the valve to be installed in either direction

Integral stem lubrication fitting and channel
- minimizes stem/bonnet corrosion
- eliminates stem freeze-ups

The center bleed port between the balls permits seat integrity before conducting any maintenance work downstream of the valve.

Trunnion design allows Double Isolation and Bleed contained in one valve

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