GAS Measurement Flanges


General Information

Orifice flanges are used with orifice flow meters for the purpose of measuring the flow rate of either liquid or gases  in the inspection pipeline.  Pairs of pressure “tappings”, mostly on two sides, directly opposite each other, are  machined into the orifice flange. This  makes separate orifice carriers or tappings in the pipe wall unnecessary. 

Aceco manufactures a wide range of steel orifice and companion flanges for the energy industry.

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Detailed Specs​

Standard Design Key Features

Sizes: 2” – 8”

Pressure Class: 150, 300, & 600

Produced with precision machining with bore tolerance capability of ± .001

Meets or exceeds ASME B16.36, B16.5, and AGA specifications

Orifice Flanges

Female Face Flanges

Raised Face Flanges* with or without dowel holes

Orifice Flanges

Female Face Flanges

Raised Face Flanges

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