Manifold Systems


General Information

Manifold systems are used extensively throughout the oil and gas industry for the distribution of fluids and gases. They are designed to converge multiple junctions into a single channel or diverge a single channel into multiple junctions.

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Detailed Specs

Standard Design Key Features

Designed to accommodate High Pressure service up to 15,000 PSI, available in nominal sizes from 1” to 12”.

Building block design allows for a wide variety of connection options and design configurations.

Blocks, Tees, crosses, valves and end connections are designed to minimize transition areas and erosion points.

Bolted connections and minimal line spread allow for ease of disassembly for maintenance and/or repair work.

System Components

Ball Valves

Check Valves

Throttle Ball Valves

Tube Connectors

3-way Blocks

4-way Blocks

5-way Blocks

Compact Valve End

Compact Valve End

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